When is the FUSAR Camera shipping?




  • hdaelectric

    I'm starting to feel like the skulls customers . 

  • Cyril Londechamp

    Me too

  • Jon Left

    Has anyone received a camera yet?

  • Tuesday & Brian

    Jade Wallace (FUSAR)

    Jul 13, 11:23 EDT

    Hi Brian,

    As mentioned in our last public update, we've been working hard to complete the product validation process for the FUSAR Camera so that we can begin mass production and delivery. While our engineers were testing the most recent batch of units, they identified a few bugs that needed to be fixed before we could begin fulfilling orders. Fortunately, that has already been addressed and we are nearly complete with product validation, which means that production and delivery will be commencing very soon.

    We do not have exact delivery dates for each of the shipping groups, but will provide them as soon as we do. In the meantime, we have a number of exciting new features that we will be rolling out in the FUSAR app in the coming weeks, including our new, enhanced group ride feature. If you're not already active on the platform, we highly suggest you download the app as soon as possible so that you can begin interacting with the rest of the FUSAR community and receive the latest updates as they are shared.

    If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach back out.

  • vincent ferranti

    i want to place an order, but im hesitant to do so..

    when  will the camera ship?

  • Tuesday & Brian

    From the company themselves.



    Good news: we have completed our adjustments to the FUSAR Camera circuit board design and have the latest run of components on hand for testing. We expect these improvements to secure the quality and functionality that we have promised for the FUSAR Camera. The mechanical housings have been completed and are currently production ready. 

    Environmental testing is already underway, and the Camera has been performing amazingly well. Although these modifications have pushed our delivery date out, it was necessary to ensure your happiness when receiving your FUSAR Camera. Our progress puts us in a position to finally communicate some firm delivery timelines later this month. We’re (finally) on the home stretch!


    Camera progress isn’t the only positive thing we have to report. We’re excited to share that version 2 of the FUSAR app will be going into open beta in just a few weeks and will be publicly available a couple weeks after that. We’ll be introducing a new user interface design that’s based largely on your feedback. There will also be a number of exciting new features that we know you’re going to love - because you asked for them. There are now nearly 6,000 users like you from over 100 countries using the FUSAR app, which is a humbling indication that we are building a strong, growing community of enthusiasts who understand the value of well thought out technology in our active lives. 

    As always, thank you for your continued support. Keep an eye out for our next update later this month. 

    - Team FUSAR

  • Nick Lechnowskyj

    You guys are losing your a** on this product to be honest. It's been almost two years since your indiegogo campaign went up. 





  • Josh Ua (jawshoouh)

    I can't seem to find it anywhere so forgive me if I didn't search enough through your site, but does the camera allow for an external mic to be hooked up? TIA

  • Tuesday & Brian

    It's been a year now from my pre purchase. Update the production schedule please so your customer base is secure in knowing we have made a good decision to pre order your product.

  • Tuesday & Brian

    Update please!

  • Tuesday & Brian
    FUSAR Cust

    FUSAR Customer Service (FUSAR)

    Feb 26, 18:44 EST


    We are currently in discussion with our financing partners regarding the production timeline.

    We will update everyone once this is clarified.

    Best regards.
  • Tuesday & Brian

    Financing Partners?


  • Tuesday & Brian
    Customer Service (FUSAR)
                  Feb 27, 19:57 EST                         
    Discussions are
    between the financing and manufacturing partners. The fund
    raising was to fund production, not the RnD part, which was
    done through regular sources (Venture Capitalists and
    Best regards.
  • Doug Henriksen

    Some activity like there was in Facebook before Christmas gave an indication that fusar hasn't dissolved. Is it possible to continue that? 

  • Alex Mac

    I am still waiting for my refund to be processed, it should just be a case of putting the money back into my account, why is it taking so long? unless they are leaving the funds in the bank to accrue interest on our funds, either way I backed this project over 2 years ago, its very disappointing

  • Nick Lechnowskyj

    Alex I wouldn't be surprised if you never see your refund. They probably blew through all the money they collected and determined that it's going to take many millions more just to bring the product to market.

  • TazRides

    I am about to ask for a refund too. 2 years and nothing. I paid for a camera. Even a bad camera is better than nothing. Or Fusar, give an update soon. Explain why I don't have time product yet. Give me Something. Please .. 

  • Alex Mac

    It was such a brilliant idea too... Something specific to motorcyclists, and here we are, still waiting while they gather interest on our money, I was told my refund would be processed, then nothing and they marked the ticket as solved, I re opened it because it's not solved until I get the money back

  • Nick Lechnowskyj

    I don't think they are sitting on a lot of money gathering interest. They used up all their money on R&D, and for reasons they haven't shared, they are having a hard time financing the production. Who knows what happened. It could have costed way more than they planned for, someone in the company was stealing money, there was a disagreement or any number of things. Considering it's been 2 years since they said they would be shipping out units I highly doubt anyone is getting a refund or a product.

  • Travis McMaster

    Ya... bummer.  It's too bad they have gone radio-silence....at least say something to those that believed in THEIR dream.  Even if they're going to stiff us- communicate.  It's like a person goes missing and the family just wants to know what happened, give us something.


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